Two Bangle 18K Rose Gold Plated Bracelet

AED 149.00
"لا تكونوا صامتين دائماً فبعض الإعترافات قد تغير الكثير"
"Don't always be silent. Some confessions can change a lot"

Confidence and Beauty in Every Part

Our Chic Golden Rose plated bracelet will make your day. It's easy to wear

The Cuff bracelet is 18K Gold-Electroplated of a high quality grade of Stainless Steel material - 316L , which makes it perfect for your daily use.

-Cuff Color: Rose Gold
- Cuff Length: 16.5cm
- Main Metal: 316L Stainless Steel
-Plating: 18K Rose Gold Electroplated
- Color Doesn't Fade
- Hypoallergenic
- Delivery Time: 2-4 Days


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