The Incurable Love Ring

AED 199.00 AED 250.00

"ثمة حب لا شفاء منه"

"There is an Incurable Love"

If you want a gift that shows the unity of love, you definitely need to consider this piece. The design of the ring reflects the bound of love. It is a dainty rhinestone stylish ring; elegant with its aquamarine stone and it is the birthstone for March.

The Aquamarine Stone is a strong and durable stone that can last of very long time. The Aquamarine Stone is believed to have healing and magical effects on the wearer and to bring luck and youth, happiness and love to whoever wear it.

Technical Details
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Main Stone : Synthetic Dainty Sky Blue Aquamarine Topaz
Main stone Shape: Cylindrical Shape
Plating: White Gold Plated
- Color Does Not Fade
- Delivery Time: 2-4 Days


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